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Why Super Health Supplement?

Super Health Supplement is a truly unique dietary supplement created by a vision of our 2 physicians – a husband and wife.  We are not a supplement company that sells dozens of various vitamins and supplements. In fact, we have only one product that we created for our own family. We want to offer you the opportunity to receive the same health benefits and protection as we do from taking our exclusive Super Health Supplement that we formulated together with a specific purpose in mind. We are an endocrinologist and internist (primary care physician), and work in Manalapan Medical Center. We see the whole spectrum of people’s health on a daily basis, from patients with multiple chronic medical conditions to healthy athletes who come to our practice once a year for a physical. We realized very early in our career that traditional medicine has certain limitations. While we can successfully treat a variety of medical conditions, it is much harder to use the conventional approach to improve people’s general health and well-being, support healthy function of multiple organs, help to have healthy sleep, and reduce stress. Most of our patients were taking multiple vitamins and supplements, many up to 15-20 capsules a day, spending a fortune. The striking events of the last year did not help, and most of our patients began to add more supplements to their daily cocktail to support their immune system. We had 2 large shelves in our kitchen cabinet filled with dozens of bottles of various vitamins and supplements. One night when we had to add another supplement to our cocktail to help us cope with stress from being locked in our house, we looked at each other and…. the idea of the Super Health Supplement was born.

The next few months were spent carefully researching everything that nature has for us. We reviewed thousands of scientific papers, researched multiple clinical studies of various vitamins and supplements, and discussed dozens of various combinations. It was a real challenge. We wanted to create something that would be inexpensive, easy to take, very safe, natural, and contain multiple ingredients to achieve our health goals: 1) enhance our immune system to the greatest extent possible which would require several ingredients with additive effects on the immune system, 2) has strong antioxidant properties and can fight free radicals in our body, 3) support our cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, musculoskeletal, nerve, eye, and blood function, 4) helps to maintain healthy, good-looking skin and teeth, 5) have a healthy sleep, 6) reduce stress and fatigue, 7) increase physical and mental energy. After 6 months of hard work, the Super Health Supplement was formulated. It was the result of our combined 45 years of clinical experience as physicians, strong desire to help our patients and ourselves to achieve optimal health, well-being and reduce stress, and our lifelong passion for using only natural products.

On the day when we completed our work, our motto was born – “Created by Nature, Researched by Scientists, Formulated by Doctors”.

The next few months were spent manufacturing the supplement at a premier FDA-registered facility, located in New York State. We used only the purest and most effective ingredients. Super Health Supplement was made to the absolute highest standards of quality, efficacy and safety. No added sugar, artificial colors or flavors and is gluten, soy, yeast, salt, wheat and dairy-free. We are proud to say that it is a non-GMO product. A serving size is 3 easy to swallow capsules.

It was a fun night when we replaced our multiple bottles of different colors, sizes and prices from different manufacturers with a bottle of our own Super Health Supplement. It was such a relief to swallow 3 small capsules instead of 15 capsules, tablets, and gummies of different sizes, colors and taste.

We invite you to join us and our patients in our journey to health and well-being by taking every night 3 capsules of ultimate body, mind and immune system support – Super Health Supplement.

Igor Priven, MD Inessa Griblat, MD

Super Health Supplement

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